I've been there before

      It don't really matter

      Half mile radius

      Baxter boogie

The Mass For Shut-Ins


includes the hit: I’ve been there before

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About this album

“What would we cut out, the songs are perfect the way they are” was the response guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Joel Justin gave Columbia Records who wanted Ruth Baxter’s songs shortened to three minutes from the current five to twelve. This response caused Ruth Baxter’s 11-song debut THE MASS FOR SHUT-INS to be shelved. Until now! Recorded in the early 70’s, this hard driving low-fidelity record truly captures the intensity of this power trio. If you are into Jam bands but prefer a hard and heavy rock sound, this is an album for you. You might think of Black Sabbath or Blue Cheer when you listen to THE MASS FOR SHUT-INS, but there is also something very special about the sound of this recording.

Track Listing

  1. I’ve been there before
  2. It’s don’t really matter
  3. Half mile radius
  4. Instant blues
  5. Cold lonely road
  6. The arrival
  7. Junk
  8. Outbound ways
  9. Rock massacre
  10. Prologue
  11. Baxter boogie
  12. Alibi
  13. No first name