It wasn't supposed to be like this

      It's better this way

      Momma, son is alright

Planned Parenthood


A Modern New Wave Rock

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About this album

“Joel Justin’s debut solo album, Planned Parenthood is a cross between straight-ahead rock and a modern new wave. Radio friendly songs like “Shari” and “Foolin’ With Love” seem to be critic favorites as well as the cute and clever “We only wanted to be friends” (with the girl it was written about singing the backup vocal) . “Momma, Son is alright is a bare naked acoustic guitar, bass and single vocal, story-song, about the joy of looking in the eyes of his love, and their new born son and letting them know everything is going to be all right. Also a fan favorite is his version of The Beatles “Day Tripper” where he takes liberty with the main riff. A fun album from start to finish.

Track Listing

  1. Day Tripper
  2. Shari
  3. It’s better this way
  4. Momma, son is alright
  5. When I come
  6. We only wanted to be friends
  7. Foolin’ with love
  8. Thru the gardeners eyes