The last days of Thomas Ripple

      We can never be


      Time is of the essence



Mad Ants…beat the odds.

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About this album

“TENLOUDLOVESONGS”… An all new line up other than singer/guitarist Joel Justin. This version of the band would be known as Mad Ants Mach II. For the first time, Hammond B3 organ and piano are introduced to the normally raging guitar sound of Mad Ants. And what an influence it had. Songs like “Charlie” have a driving shuffle piano in the foreground. And lyrics like, “Sometimes it’s better to let go. When they don’t love you let them go” are instantly stuck in your head. “We can never be.” is a critic favorite. And “The Last Days of Thomas Ripple” sounds like it was improvised when recorded. In fact, all ten songs were recorded in one take. But more notable than that, Justin challenged the new members to learn these songs on the spot and lay down tracks within minutes of first hearing him bang them out on his guitar. “The Last Days of Thomas Ripple” with it’s vocal being mostly improvised, live through a vintage military walkie-talkie, tells the imaginary story of musician fame, decline, and the not so uncommon rock star death. “TENLOUDLOVESONGS” features two Beatles covers, “I Feel Fine” and “I’m Only Sleeping” — again, recorded in just one take and delivering a whole new feel for these popular tunes. “TENLOUDLOVESONGS” has often been overlooked, but not any more.



Track Listing

  1. The Last Days of Thomas Ripple
  2. I needed time
  3. Fade away
  4. I feel fine
  5. Charlie
  6. We can never be.
  7. Queen of hearts
  8. Annarae
  9. I’m only sleeping
  10. Time is of the essence