Ashes to Ashes

      Come Together

      Nature's Way

      A world without love

Mad Ants on the Covers


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About this album

Mad Ants On The Covers is probably the best tribute ever to 10 great classic rock hits that now take on a whole new existence. Down right fun and upbeat music. Brilliant guitar work. Heavy bass and drums. Rich harmonies, and a lead vocal that maintains the original melody, but now spells things out in a gritty stylish voice. Singer Joel Justin stated, “Singing each lead vocal track, before I started, I mentally talked to the original singer and asked for their approval. Pretending they were listening while I sang helped me deliver. And when I got it right, I got their smile.” Every track is unique yet they all possess that classic Mad Ants hard-driving punch in the guts. Is it possible to remake a great song and make it better? If it is, then here they are.