Small towns are murder

      Matter of time

      Blue metal

      Queen of hearts



Small Towns Are Murder!

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About this album

Mad Ants “Released” is one frantic song after another. Uptempo would be an understatement. Especially on songs like “Guitarchestra”, “The war in my head”, “Shot’s you’ve been calling” and “Small town are murder” in which the band was commissioned to write and record the title track for the feature film of the same name. They do manage to show off their blues influences on songs like “Blue metal”, “Trouble” and “Lady blues” but they are not a typical 1-4-5 blues progression. Most of the tracks on Released are love-hate story songs. You can hear that the band is really starting to jell and just tapping into the quirkiness found on later albums. After three to six nights a week, for two solid years playing to packed bars and clubs, they are now comfortable with being referred to as a dangerous band. This was the start of song structures being much more involved. They cover two popular soul-blues songs in quadruple time; “Summertime blues” and “Just my imagination”. Why so fast? Because they can play fast. If you like it slamming hard… you’ll like Mad Ants Released.

Track Listing

  1. Summertime blues
  2. Let’s talk about it
  3. Wasted fantasy
  4. The war in my head
  5. No nostrils
  6. Matter of time
  7. Small towns are murder
  8. Trouble
  9. Shot’s you’ve been calling
  10. Blue metal
  11. Queen of hearts
  12. Just my imagination
  13. Lady blues
  14. Shawnee
  15. Guitarchestra
  16. Shinard