The Liberty Station

      Piece of my heart

      The last days of Thomas Ripple

      Shooting Spree


      Forever and Again


      I needed time

The Best Of The Mad Ants


The Hits Remastered!

(Download consists of WAV, FLAC, and MP3 formats)

About this album

The Best Of The Mad Ants (collector’s edition) – Remastered hit songs taken from “Demo*lition”, “Hey, Who Paid The Rent?”, “Jules White” and “TENLOUDLOVESONGS”. Excellent sound quality. This limited release collectors edition takes any new or old fan of the band on a rock & roll ride that shows what a unique sound the band has. Nobody sounds like The Mad Ants…but The Mad Ants. Even if you’ve heard these songs a hundred times, you’ll enjoy this punched-up mix and the flow of one song to the next.

Track Listing

  1. The liberty station
  2. Piece of my heart
  3. Elvis
  4. I needed time
  5. The Last Days of Thomas Ripple
  6. Fade away
  7. I feel fine
  8. Forever and again
  9. Queen of hearts
  10. We can never be.
  11. Charlie
  12. Army Ants
  13. In August
  14. Shooting Spree
  15. Time is of the essence