The liberty station


      In August

      Every now and then

Jules White


contains “The Liberty Station”

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About this album

Jules White is the follow-up LP to the extraordinary “Hey, Who Paid The Rent?” that took the band from the clubs to the big stages. There was a complete line-up change for Jules White except for frontman/songwriter Joel Justin, and for the first time there were five official members as opposed to the norm of two guitars bass and drums.. This album saw the first use of Hammond B3 organ and piano, which dramatically altered the songwriting and sound. “The liberty Station” was a huge hit for the band as well as “Power” and “In August” which have all been used in multiple films. This 13-song LP came almost four yours after the Rent album. It was named for their admiration of The Three Stooges producer/director Jules White.

Track Listing

  1. Fade Away
  2. Power
  3. The Liberty Station
  4. Bad Dog!
  5. Bark for you
  6. In August
  7. Army Ants
  8. Time Has Come
  9. River Of Love
  10. Words
  11. And Then You Die
  12. Every Now And Then
  13. There I Was