The liberty station

      Please stay the night


      Another chase



Rockin’ tunes with a Brazilian back beat

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About this album

Joel Justin’s “4/4” recorded in Brazil, is a rock-pop masterpiece. A classic rock vibe felt in each and every song, only set to the rhythm’s of Brazil. Some of Brazil’s more famous musician’s lend a hand on this 13 song record. Joel Justin has always had a style all his own, so it’s hard to ever pigeon-hole his music as classic rock, a comparison he once loathed, but later grew to be proud of that generation of sounds. Every song on this album is the kind of song you would hear on the radio. “Now” quickly found it’s way up the charts and peaked at #17. “Please stay the night” and “Another Chase” with their country-rock feel crossed over into the county market. The Brazilian’s loved his “The Liberty Station” from his band Mad Ants so much, that he recorded it again for this album. Five years were spent writing 60 plus songs, then demos were released in Brazil to fans and record producers to pick the tracks to be recorded. A unique blend of rock guitars and strange percussion instruments, dominated by a driving beat and catchy lyrics.

Track Listing

  1. The Liberty Station
  2. Now
  3. This is Planet Earth
  4. I love you too
  5. Please stay the night
  6. Another Chase
  7. I don’t know about love, anymore
  8. Down on you
  9. I only want you
  10. The Window
  11. Lay your head
  12. Your Everything
  13. Hey Hey it’s me