Piece of my heart


      Calendar girl

      (dear mom) Who ate the pie

Hey, Who Paid The Rent?


This Album Is Timeless!

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About this album

Timeless! That is how this LP has been described for 20 plus years. It’s not often you can spin an album you have heard over and over, over the years, and it sounds as fresh and as energetic as the day it was first released. Contains their hit song “Elvis” heard in countless movies and commercials (where is Elvis now?) and fan favorite, Piece of my heart. The boys got it right on their third full-length 1990 release. In a time when hair metal was dying and alternative was finding it’s home, The Ants could care less about trends, sticking to their guns of dishing out hard-driving straight-ahead guitar rock that is now once again being challenged by the new young up and comers. Here they even deliver their unique take on a pair of cover songs; Janis Joplin’s “Piece of my heart” and Neil Young’s ” My My Hey Hey” (which the Ants changed to Hey Hey My My) …and kicked it up about five notches in tempo and attack. If you want to feel great while cleaning the house or driving cross-country “Hey, Who Paid the Rent?” will deliver. Tracks; You gotta-lotta nerve. Piece of my heart. Mad Ant Mash. No need to die. Forever and again. Calendar girl. Hey-Hey-My My. I am. Elvis. War is Over. We’ll do it in the road. (dear mom) Who ate the pie. The a&r man.