Wonderful America

      Commie Bastards

      Lizzard Skins

Peace the World Together


Get Off The Stage!

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About this album

A really great rock band comes to a point where they either get cocky (in a bad way) or confident enough to take on another persona. Such is the case with The Mad Ants, adopting the alter ego “Cream Puff Disaster”. That was the name of the group lead vocalist Joel Justin had in high school, shortly before forming the heavy rock act Ruth Baxter, then later, Mad Ants. The Ants got a kick out of the name, and the band would switch instruments—that they really couldn’t play very well—and basically trashed popular songs for the drunken bar audience’s that faced them. Not fully knowing any of the words or music, they presented them like a really lousy wedding band. Even boasting, “We just got back from a major tour of Peru (Peru Indiana)….” (the audience would be completely in on the joke). “Peace The World Together” is the only album Mad Ants released as Cream Puff Disaster. There’s a laugh-out-loud version of “Walk this way” by Aerosmith and Paul McCartney’s “Someone’s knocking at the door”. The act was really popular with the crew, who wrote the lyrics to their original songs. “Stella” (her hair was yella). “Wonderful America” and “Commie Bastard’s” are actually not bad songs. All done in good fun and a real treat for the people who came to see the The Mad Ants. Cream Pull Disaster: Peace The World Together is a must-have for any real fan of the band.

Track Listing

  1. Ouch!
  2. La Bamba
  3. Stella (her hair was yella)
  4. Folsom Prison Blues
  5. Wonderful America
  6. Commie Bastards
  7. Money
  8. CPD Live-intro
  9. “” Live-I’ll get off the stage
  10. “” Live-Play something you know
  11. “” Live-Old Susanna
  12. “” Live-Announce the band
  13. “” Live-Freebird
  14. “” Live-Someone’s knocking at the door
  15. “” Live-Walk this way
  16. “” Live-Keep your hands to yourself