It's Alright

      I'm sorry I'm not sorry

      Wake up in a daisy

      That's Right

Pajama Factory


contains the smash hit; It’s Alright

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About this album

Pajama Factory is the second solo album from Mad Ants frontman Joel Justin. It contains the smash hit “It’s Alright” along with ten varied songs written and produced exclusively for feature films. On a few of these songs Justin played all of the instruments, a departure from his usual insistence of a band live-in-studio setting and finding the right groove above all. Although Pajama Factory certainly has his usual hard rocking tunes, this was the beginning of dabbling into electronic music. On “I’m sorry I’m not sorry” you’ll find his blistering guitar work trading licks with a screaming sax. The hard and heavy “That’s Right” has to have one of the strangest time signature’s in rock and roll. Then there’s one of the most emotional and sweetest songs ever written; “Why when we say”. He covered The Monkee’s “Stepping Stone” for the second time for this album, but this version has a distorted, grinding vocal and B3 organ driving the song. Like the title, it’s an unusual album. When asked what is a Pajama Factory, he reportedly responded; “exactly”.

Track Listing

  1. It’s alright
  2. Get down on it
  3. I’m sorry I’m not sorry
  4. Wake up in a daisy
  5. GoFree
  6. Why when we say
  7. Losing control
  8. Stepping stone
  9. Fly away
  10. That’s right
  11. Man in the moon