So Satisfied

      I don't like the way that you look at me

      Got her by the balls

      You You hold on

Still Wanna Rock


The Brand New LP from Mad Ants!

(Download consists of WAV, FLAC, and MP3 formats)

About this album

The Mad Ants are back to their hard rock roots on their new LP, “Still Wanna Rock.” Listen to this album and be reminded of how bands back in the day knew how to play their instruments and didn’t hold anything back. Songs like “I don’t like the way that you look at me” and “So Satisfied” give us guitar riffs we haven’t heard before and melodies that stick with you. Analog recording and minimal microphone techniques give “Still Wanna Rock” a feeling of being in the room with the band while the album was being recorded. The Mad Ants wrote and recorded with hit radio in mind, but they have no problem giving us “Down on her luck,” which unfolds in three movements. Re-discover the anticipation of dropping the needle on side one of a new album… and playing it loud!

Track Listing

  1. So Satisfied
  2. I don’t like the way that you look at me
  3. Got her by the balls
  4. I want it bad
  5. You You Hold On
  6. Down on her luck (movement 123)
  7. It’s not all you
  8. Dark Heart
  9. Go Back (do it all over again)