Let me in

      I rule my world

      My Rock & Roll

      Let it roll

international anthem


15 amazing songs of variety

(Download consists of WAV, FLAC, and MP3 formats)

About this album

“international anthem” contains the hit single “Let me in” and college radio favorite “I rule my world”. The 13-song album is an artistic statement that takes the listener on a journey through many styles of music ranging from hard rock to reggae, and even authentic interpretation’s of story-telling country and folk. Inspired by sing-along anthem rock songs that reached around the world, The Mad Ants are showing off their ability to arrange and perform any kind of music. Blistering solos, pounding bass and drums along with standout vocals make this LP a must have for any fan of music of variety. Don’t fall asleep after the closing song and long silent pause or you will feel like you’ve been shot out of a canon by a hard-driving hidden track (One Lover) plus a stoner favorite (A better frame of mind) making for a total of 15 great performances.

Track Listing

  1. PeaceTrain
  2. The way we used to
  3. Let me in
  4. I’m lost
  5. Down
  6. Crash
  7. The hole in my heart
  8. Let it go-Or give me up
  9. My Rock&Roll
  10. Let it roll
  11. Give it back
  12. Lost dog
  13. I rule my world
  14. One lover
  15. A better frame of mind